Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I Should Be A Wet Seal Campus Rep

Right after beach week and my visit to Tanger Outlets, Wet Seal had an "Additional 60% Clearance" special. There were so many cute tops for less than $10 that I couldn't resist. I added the tops to my shopping bag first then added the skirts to complete the outfits/eliminate other tops. My summer wardrobe is complete now i.e. no more shopping for a long time...

Originally 18.90, Purchased at $6.00
Originally $16.90, Purchased at $5.20

More Bathing Suits

Funny how when you can't find things (like cute bathing suits in your size for a good affordable price) for a long time, but once you find them, you can't stop finding them


Tanger Outlets

During my second ever trip to Tanger Outlets, I spent way too much money, meaning I didn't buy clothes at a discounted price like one is supposed to do at an outlet. However, I still got each item for under $20.

The first store I stopped at was American Eagle Factory Store. I wanted to go here first because two years ago, I got half of my current summer wardrobe at this exact location. This year, there was nothing that sparked my interest, and I came out with nothing. 

Next up: Forever21

Purchase #1: $11.80

I needed new white shorts that didn't pouf out on the sides, and these fit the description. The thing I love about these shorts is that they can be worn casually, formally, or on a night out.
Purchase #2: $9.80

After browsing the Forever21 website for a picture of this top, I realized I might've spent a little too much for it given there are cheaper crop tops from the store but #noragrets. I bought this crop top simply because I owned no crop tops. I also bought it to pair with Purchase #1. 

Purchase #3: $7.80  

I couldn't pass up a pair of jeans for only $7.80; it can be paired with anything really, but I wore it out with a loose top. 
After spending $30 on only three items at Forever, I really didn't want to spend anymore, so I didn't really shop anywhere else except for Rue21. 

While at Forever, I ran into a couple of friends who had gone to Rue21 earlier. They had both bought a pair of white crochet shorts, but one of them tried on the crochet shorts at Forever to see which one had a better fit. Her conclusion: Rue21, so of course I had to venture out to Rue to see for myself after also trying on the one at Forever. The one at Rue did indeed have a better fit. Unfortunately, they ran out of my size in white, so I ended up getting the navy one. The only bad thing about the navy one is you can't see the details from far away like you could on the white or coral ones, which I didn't know they had until later when my friend mentioned it. I really wished I could've seen the coral ones because I also needed better-fitting pink shorts + I already have a pair of navy bermuda shorts, so I'm just going to keep telling myself that they wouldn't have had the coral ones in my size anyways.

Purchase #4: $19.99, one of my priciest purchases in a long time :/ but I couldn't pass up on a pair of nicely-fit shorts, when all of my shorts, including Purchase #1 are a little too loose or tight 

Purchase #5: $5.00 

While at Rue21, I also saw a mint Eiffel Tower t-shirt for only $5. I needed a mint item for my wardrobe, and I loved the print. I wore it with a skirt that I had brought to pair with the shirt that I wore with Purchase #3, and the new combination looked a whole lot better. 

Now I really couldn't spend anymore, so I watched as my friends shopped. One friend found a pair of Sperrys for only $25 at Famous Footwear, the best deal of the day (that I witnessed).