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The Minimalist's Guide to Jewelry

My everyday jewelry look consists of four basic pieces, all of the same color (choose either gold or silver based on your personal preference): a watch (Peugeot), bracelet (Alex and Ani), earrings (n/a), and necklace (n/a). I don't really like wearing rings, but they're certainly an option for your basic look. 

All of these pieces were actually given to me. That isn't to say that I wear every piece of jewelry ever given to me. These have just conveniently made themselves into my everyday look. 

1 My dad gave me this watch. It was a gift from his workplace for being a loyal employee. Because the watch was too big for my wrist, I actually had to get it cut, but it only cost $5 at a pop-up store at my local mall. If a watch is the only thing you'll be wearing on your wrist, then you might as well go for a nicer one for your minimalist look. The same advice applies for all these pieces because the minimalist's guide is all about quality over quantity. Just make sure it goes well with the rest of your jewelry. 

2 My friends/roommates gave me this bracelet for my 22nd birthday. I really like how each Alex and Ani charm bracelet has a different meaning and cause (20% of the proceeds from this bracelet have gone/will go to Women & Infants Hospital). Here's the description of this bracelet courtesy of Alex and Ani's website:

A celebration of the female spirit, the Lotus Blossom is a symbol of beauty, strength, and grace. The strong stem's connection to the flower represents an eternal, unbreakable bond between two people. Spiritually enlightening and divinely beautiful, the Lotus Blossom Charm reminds us that our relationships and shared hearts are the key to happiness.

I don't know if my friends chose this bracelet because of its description or not, but I think it suits me. I never wore bracelets before, but this one is simplistic and goes well with my watch and the rest of my minimalist jewelry. Look for a bracelet/watch or bracelet/bracelet combination in matching colors for you minimalist look.   

3 These earrings are actually the original ones from my first, well second, ear piercing. My first piercings closed after I stopped wearing earrings after an irritation from fake earrings (it hurt too much to put in earrings). Because these earrings are real, I can wear them every day without them bothering me. Look for gold, silver, or combination ball stud or regular gold, diamond, or combination stud earrings for your minimalist look.

4 This necklace was a gift from my aunt (my dad's brother's wife) in Vietnam. My sister has a similar one. Unfortunately, our aunt passed away from cancer a few years after our visit to Vietnam in 2002, but her memory still lives on through our necklaces. Look for an 18" or 20" chain with a simple pendant in either gold or silver or a combination of both (there are diamond studs in each of the petals and in the center of the flower of my necklace) for your minimalist look (the chain should be the same color as your pendant).

Maybe one day I'll add a ring to my everyday jewelry look, and maybe it'll have a sentimental meaning too i.e. a wedding band lmao. JK I can get a gold class ring. #strongindependentwomanwhodontneednoman 

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How to Look Good While Cheering on Your Favorite Team

Today I’m featuring three looks found in my summer look book. They’re outfits I like to wear on game day when I’m not actually at the game, to show school spirit, because let’s be real, oversized t-shirts aren’t really stylish. Now these outfits are UVA themed, but these style tips can work with any college or athletic team.

For my first look, I’ve paired a fitted v-neck T in one of my team's colors with a pair of shorts in another one of my team’s colors. The heathered orange color makes the outfit versatile and not just something I can wear on game day. I've also tucked in my shirt for a more fitted look. 

For my second look, I incorporated my team's colors using an accessory and the main component of my outfit, my shirt. The white pants neutralize the look and hide my loyalty when needed. E.g. when my team is embarrassing itself on national television. In my previous look, I didn’t need a statement necklace because the v-neck provided enough definition for my outfit, but for this look, a statement necklace is needed to define an otherwise plain shirt.

Lastly, I paired a dress in one of my team's colors with a cardigan in another team color. The red and orange pattern on this dress gives the outfit an added dimension (and once again makes it more versatile and less obvious that I'm rooting for UVA), which wouldn’t be present or possible in a plain orange dress.

And if you’re looking for a more casual, yet stylish outfit for the game, look for a more fitted t-shirt in the kid’s or women's section of the university bookstore. For example, I have a white v-neck tee with VIRGINIA printed across the front of the shirt and a long-sleeved navy Virginia t-shirt from the women’s section of the UVA bookstore.  

Now you're ready to cheer on your favorite team on Saturdays: Go Hoos!

P.S. At UVA, it’s actually a tradition for guys in ties and girls in pearls to dress up for football games. However, no one dresses up for basketball games, so the good ole t-shirt and jeans combo is totally fine and socially acceptable at UVA basketball games.

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"It’s no coincidence that the aesthetic of 1989 is that of the Polaroid: a technology that, in its contemporary manifestation, connotes thick feelings of authenticity, immediacy, and wistful nostalgia not unlike Instagram’s own filters. Look closer, though, and the Polaroid, while tangible, is still just an overexposed image, flattering vis-à-vis its limited technological capacity to show the fullness of the moment. From far away, a Polaroid can communicate bold strokes of fun, bliss, friendship. But get closer, and you see it’s flimsy, unclear, and impossible to replicate."

Source: Buzzfeed

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The Secret Life of The Vietnamese Woman: Religion

July 2007, the last time I went to a Buddhist temple (my parents' faces are blacked out because they don't want to be on the Internet)


There are two main religions in Vietnam: Catholicism and Buddhism. Catholicism is mostly found in the North, and Buddhism is mostly found in the South. However, most Vietnamese people who self-identify as Buddhist on American questionnaires aren't actually Buddhist. There are some really religious Buddhists that actually go to temple and stuff, but for the most part, Vietnamese "Buddhists" don't really know much about the religion and practice more of a folk religion composing of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, ancestor worship, etc.


The "Buddhist" version of praying is offering food and incense to the Buddha and other Buddhist gods at temples or at home. Most Vietnamese Buddhists have a Buddha at home, and more often than not, it is the laughing Buddha. Buddha is vegan, so we only offer fruit, tea, and water to him. After lighting the incense, we put our hands in praying motion and motion three times, whilst reciting the prayer in our head. To take food off the altar, we also do the same. In addition to worshipping the Buddha, Vietnamese "Buddhists" also pray to their ancestors, more specifically their parents. These shrines face the front of the house so that the ancestor spirits can come through the front door. Thanks to modern technology, Vietnamese "Buddhists" can now use electric incense instead of wooden incense. Vietnamese "Buddhists" usually recognize their ancestors or the Buddha on weddings, a baby's first month (Đầy Tháng) and birthday, the Lunar New Year (Tết), funerals (đám ma), and death anniversaries (đám giỗ).

A Higher Being

Vietnamese "Buddhists" also believe in a higher being called God or trời, so when you hear people say "Trời ơi!," they're actually saying "Oh God!," a common expression used by all Vietnamese, not just "Buddhists."


Vietnamese "Buddhists" also think Vietnamese Catholics sound like they're rapping when they're reading the Bible.

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Dear White People

Dear White People (WP) and supporters of WP,

If you were offended by my video, then you should be offended by Justin Simien's title, Dear White People.

I'm sorry for offending you, but that was never my intent at all. My video was intended as satire: Asian people really don't have anything white people don't.

I'm sorry for stereotyping you, but I'm tired of having to clarify and defend myself all the time because when I and millions of angry minorities (E.g. Azealia Banks) say "white people," we're not talking about you personally; we're talking about the white patriarchy. We know all white people aren't the same because we would find it deeply offensive if you thought the same about our people.

Now you're probably thinking: "You didn't use white people in that way in your video," and you're right, I didn't. I used white people as an "other" to Asians, the main subject matter of my video. Like I said in my director's commentary, the title is very misleading. However, I'd still like to address this issue because I feel like white people still don't get it.

Using the term "white people" to describe white patriarchy might not be politically correct, but being politically correct isn't going to end racism in America. Ending racism in America requires white people and yes, all white people, not the just the white patriarchy, to recognize that they have white privilege, inaccessible to millions of non-whites.

White privilege means "whiteness" is the norm. Anything else is different. Thus, while white stereotypes are offensive to the white individual, they aren't racist because racism is "prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior." White people have never been denied anything because of the color of their skin because they have defined themselves as the superior race without any opposition and by setting the norm.

Looking at the latter part of this definition, I can see why people thought I was being racist because it looked like I was saying Asian people were more superior than white people. However, I started the video by saying, "Aside from white privilege..." for a reason. With that opening statement alone, I acknowledged who the true "superior race" is, and like always, white people failed to take notice of that and made it about their feelings instead-now that's what I call a white privilege-and accused me of making a faulty argument when that wasn't even my argument to begin with.

I now realize that it was my own fault for bringing white people to the video in the first place (my point would have gotten through a lot better without the comparison), but I did want people to know about white privilege and without the controversy and anger due to this video, I would have never gotten to speak to you more on this topic, so thank you white people, for actually helping a minority today.

Sassy Girl

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21 Thoughts We Had While Watching Season 6 Episode 10 of Pretty Little Liars

  2. Aria is stupid.
  3. Why is no one questioning Mona? She's got all this intel and no one wants to know where she got it from?
  4. Totally thought that was Rhyss lying on the floor instead of Jason.
  5. What the fuck is going on?
  6. This finale sucks.
  7. Finally Sara is useful.
  8. Sara is Charles.
  9. It's Cece!
  10. I called this transgender plot a month ago. #nailedit
  11. No, not Mrs. Cavanaugh!
  12. Huh? Bethany turned on her?! #bitch
  13. These kids... 
  14. What!? She dated her own brother? #gross
  15. Aww that's cute that Spencer cares for Toby
  16. OH MY GOD THIS SARA PLOT IS PERFECT (in that she serves an actual purpose in the show now instead of being this big character that no body likes)
  17. Emily's the biggest dum dum of them all to be honest.
  18. Seriously, I. Marlene King?! Anothing effing question?!
  19. Why did A even want to end the game anyways? The more I think about it, the more I have problems with this finale.
  21. At least we'll get to see Wren again. *heart eyes emoji*

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New Romper!

I went into Macy's as a way to kill time before my interview and didn't really expect to find anything until I laid eyes on this romper in the clearance section. I was drawn to it because I thought it was a little black dress and fell in love with it once I realized it was a romper. The mesh at the waist gives it a little edge, and although I'm totally not in love with the back, it was only $12, so I bought it. With an extra 20% off for applying for a credit card, I ended up paying only $10 for a piece that was originally $59! Now that's what I call a deal.

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22 Thoughts I Had While Watching Season 6 Episode 9 of Pretty Little Liars

Only 22 today because I was alone.
  1. Wow - some actual parenting going on!
  2. It could be worse:you could be dead.
  3. #FireTravis
  4. "You need a sandwich." lmao Does Ella think Aria is hangry or something? A sandwich ain't gonna get rid of A.
  5. This is the most I've ever seen the PLL moms.
  6. Why is Clark not answering?
  7. Aren't adults supposed to be nice? So, why is this teacher being a bitch? Oh hey, an actual teacher.
  8. Drunk Veronica is the best.
  9. "I'm not leaving my fingerprints on that."
  10. These moms are way smarter than their children. 
  11. What the fuck is Rhys doing at the DiLaurentis house?!  
  12. After reading a post on the Pretty Little Liars subreddit, I see where Ali is coming from.
  13. And you show up at this hour? #suspicious
  14. I wasn't allowed to make out with my date at prom...then again I went with a girl...but not Emily-style though.
  15. Aw that's sweet, Spencer.
  16. Why didn't anyone bring a phone? I take what I said about them being smarter
  17. Why does Clark have a gun?
  18. Oh he's an undercover cop. It makes sense now. Who would've thunk that one of the worst plot lines would turn out to be one of the best?
  19. Now what's Sara's purpose?
  20. Duh Aria he literally said it's a layover to Thailand just a second ago. What a dum dum
  21. I hate this show so much.
  22. Yet, I can't wait for next week. 

My Farewell Letter to Martinsville

There are murmurs of hope for the future, but right now, it is not enough for the creative young to stay and give back: their motivations lie elsewhere, just like mine.

A year later, this statement still rings true.

The newly renovated Henry Hotel, which serve as apartments now.
While uptown, I overheard one of the storeowners mention to a customer how things have improved in recent years, but have they really?

Because once again, I was at an uptown event aimed at bringing customers in and saw no one in sight (There was technically people at the Farmer's Market but not at the sidewalk sale).

I didn’t want to go to this event, but my sister had this big smile on her face when she very sweetly asked me to go with her, a rarity for her, so I said yes.

I hadn’t left the house in more than a week, and I’d been waking up at 2:00 p.m., so I thought it’d be nice to walk around uptown and create a follow up essay to the one I wrote last year. I almost decided not to go when I struggled to wake up at 10: 30 a.m., but I wanted to be a good sister, which I would fail at later any ways, so I went.

In Charlottesville, you can find crab cakes, tacos, Cuban food, Filipino food, 
etc. at the farmer's market. At the Martinsville farmer's market, they give 
you a frickin' cucumber. At least it was free.
When we arrived to the Farmer’s Market uptown, we learned that the scavenger hunt was simply going to every open vendor and asking the vendor about his/her stand. Sounds like a good idea, right? Except, the vendors didn’t even wait for us to ask them about their merchandise. They just started giving us the charms—the scavenger hunt booty—and most of them didn’t even know what was going on or why they were giving charms away.

It quickly became awkward, and my sister and I just started asking if the vendor was part of the scavenger hunt to get the charm.

After we circled the block and my sister realized that I wasn’t having it, we returned to our starting point for our prize (My sister actually thought they would run out of gift bags when we got there—like people were actually going to participate—LOL).  We had actually missed three spots, but I wasn't going to continue walking anymore, so we lied when the ladies running the stand asked us if we had gone to all the spots—a little white lie that most of the participants probably told, but we were UVa. students, so it hurt my soul to tell that lie (So in addition to being in a horrible mood, I had also broken the honor code—although I did admit—albeit quietly—later that we had missed three spots. I am George Washington; I cannot tell a lie).

Like the city of Martinsville, we were hoping the Uptown Sidewalk Sale and Scavenger Hunt could revitalize us.

Instead, it made us even more depressed and look for a way out because in addition to my motivations, my life force now also lies elsewhere.

antique (adj.) - belonging to ancient times

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57 Thoughts We Had While Watching Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 8

  1. "No, no, no, no, no" - me throughout the whole "Previously on PLL" sequence (because of all the horrible characters and relationships)
  2. You go Hanna.
  3. You go girl.
  5. Why is Ezra so creepy?
  6. If everybody I met was into me the way everybody's into these girls, then I wouldn't be single right now.
  7. Is Aria sunburnt?
  8. Shut up Aria.
  9. Are you writing this all in your book, Ezra?
  10. No no no no - gross she made him soup.
  11. Why is his arm in a sling - he just got hit by some balls.
  12. "I have a more personal stake on the outcome." Ew ew ew 
  13. Ew she made him soup
  14. I can't (Perfect timing since he said "I can" at this exact moment).
  15. "We haven't even graduated high school yet." Ain't that the truth.
  16. Every one of these pictures are creepy.
  17. "Things won't always be like this." Will they really? There's a whole 'nother season. 
  18. Ooh answers before the last second of the show; WE GOT SOME ANSWERS BEFORE THE LAST SCENE OF THE SHOW Y'ALL; IT'S A PRETTY LIARS MIRACLE!
  19. Red Coat is definitely Cece.
  20. And Charles is probably Wren
  21. Why is Emily getting Aria a jacket for her? Can't she get it herself? She didn't get hit by balls like Lorenzo.
  22. "Looky-loos"?
  23. Prom is overrated.
  24. lol
  25. Have Emily and Aria been this close?
  26. They're like living together - what is this?
  27. Emily and Aria hanging out is weird. This normal conversation is weird.
  28. I thought Sara was a popular girl though, so how could she not have been on a date? 
  29. Hanna and Spencer are the best.
  30. Ew she's folding his laundry.
  31. This is so anti-feminist.
  32. Ooh
  33. Alison Dilarentis does not make people soup and shit; she lies.
  34. This is so weird.
  35. Why is Nicole still here? Ain't she supposed to be in Florida?
  36. Why is Clark acting shady af?
  37. Is this another Maya's cousin situation? 
  38. Why is Aria stepping up? 
  39. Whoa 
  40. Oh shit A
  41. You so bad
  42. That's how police should act i.e. not shoving people to the ground. Pardon my social commentary.
  43. That was scary-thought A was there.
  44. Okay now Tanner is acting hella creepy. Why is everybody creepy/shady af?
  45. Why is Tanner being so mean?
  46. Alison has no empathy. Why does she have empathy? She's supposed to be a bitch. This show is stupid.
  47. Are Aria and Ezra going to kiss?
  48. Good, they didn't.
  49. Clark?! Clark?! What the fuck is going on?
  51. So that's why Clark was asking all of those questions...at least he has a purpose now.
  52. Good, this relationship is ending. Glad to know Ali was actually being nice for an ulterior motive. 
  53. True - the police aren't doing enough. 
  54. *Gasp* *choke* *choke* Red Coat makes another appearance! 
  55. Ooh ooh surveillance footage
  56. Prom is going to end with the back of "his" face with Ali saying "It's you?"
  57. And in the finale, we'll finally see his face, and then it'll all be flashbacks.

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39 Thoughts We Had While Watching Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 7

Inspired by Buzzfeed
Warning: This post contains profanity.
  1. Aria's stupid-thinking her chip rings.
  2. Where's Allison? Probably effing Lorenzo
  3. Answer your daughter, Kenneth!
  4. Jason recommended them while you were effing him, Ashley?
  5. Do the Hastings not have a front door?
  6. #SpencerIsASexAddict
  7. Shay Mitchell kind of looks like Julie.
  8. You go Jason! 
  9. Except you just effed up.
  10. Oh shit Jason's a part of this now.
  11. What is Mike wearing?
  12. Emily is so annoying.
  13. It's not safer there-there was a knife held to her back while she was sleeping in your bedroom!
  14. Finally-Allison isn't dressed like an old woman.
  15. What-why did Mike bring Aria's dolls over to Mona's house?
  16. Team Spana getting things done.
  17. Toby's going to die y'all.
  18. #SexAddict
  19. Toby's A.
  20. What is Allison doing?
  21. Why is Toby recruiting Lorenzo? I thought Spencer told him not to tell anyone!
  22. Hello Cece.
  23. Are frogs the new dolls?
  24. What? What? What?
  25. We won't know until three more episodes? But we almost saw him!
  26. Why Ali? Why?
  27. We almost figured it out.
  28. Oh it's Toby.
  29. Oh my god he's high.
  30. LMAO
  31. It's just balls!
  32. Jason's pissed.
  37. DA FUCK
  39. Spencer kind of looks like someone too.

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Minimalist Recipe #3: Summer Rolls

I may not know how to make a lot of Vietnamese dishes, most of which are too complicated to be included in a minimalist cookbook, but I do know how to make summer rolls, one of the simplest Vietnamese recipes.

Now the term for these rolls is quite debatable. I like to call them summer rolls, but they're also referred to as spring rolls. I'm still searching for a definitive English translation for these "gỏi cuốn," but let's not worry too much about the name and start worrying about to make them.

-Rice paper (bánh tráng)
-Rice vermicelli (bún)

Other ingredients you can use for the summer roll:
-Tofu and bean sprouts (for a vegetarian roll)
-Herbs (mint, basil, etc.)
-Pickled vegetables
-Salmon/other fish
-Pork belly

P.S. I have never written a cookbook, so take these instructions with a grain of salt.

1. Dampen a whole sheet of rice paper with water
2. Place the rice paper on a flat surface
3. Layer lettuce and rice vermicelli on the rice paper edge closest to you
4. Place shrimp side-by-side on the opposite edge
5. Start rolling rice paper from the edge closest to you to the top. When you get towards the middle, fold in the sides and continue rolling until the end.
6. Enjoy with peanut sauce or fish sauce (nước mắm), whichever you prefer

Peanut Sauce Ingredients:
-Peanut Butter

1. Microwave a tablespoon of water and a spoonful of peanut butter together, so the peanut butter melts
2. Stir in a spoonful of hoisin sauce for a one-to-one ratio of peanut butter and hoisin sauce
3. Adjust accordingly

Enjoy (and let me know if you could follow those instructions)!

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Summer Shopping Adventure #1

Really, Rue21? Really?! Because I don't think anyone who shops here knows anything about being a thug.

Cute door and shirt/necklace combination; can't say the same about the choker and denim shirt tied around the mannequin's waist though #maurices

The man, the myth, the legend, BOBS aka Tom's lesser known brother #rackroomshoes

Another cute door - this one from the dressing room at Marshalls

 Sports bras I almost bought but didn't because let's be real here, I'm still not going to work out even if I have cute work out clothes. #marshalls 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Minimalist Recipe #2: Homemade Macaroni & Cheese

This might not be the tastiest homemade mac & cheese, but it's definitely the easiest to cook. Here's how to make it: First, boil some elbow macaroni on a stove until it's cooked (or in a microwave, I'm sure that works too). Then, drain the pasta and put it in a microwaveable bowl. Pour shredded (it's easier to melt than sliced cheese) mozzarella (trust me, this won't taste as good with Kroger's shredded cheddar) on the macaroni and microwave until the cheese is melted (~30 seconds to a minute). Lastly, add pepper for added flavor (It drastically changes the dish). Don't believe me, just taste (a before and after taste that is). Quantity of each ingredient? However much you want. And there you have it, the quickest okay-tasting mac & cheese recipe.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Cinderella Story

A Cinderella Story, no not the Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray movie, the 2015 University of Virginia baseball team. By now, you’ve probably heard it—starring breakthrough actors like Adam Haseley, Ernie Clement, Pavin Smith, and Thomas Woodruff, veterans like Brandon Waddell, Josh Sborz, and Kenny Towns, battered stars like Nathan Kirby and Joe McCarthy, and a great supporting cast, the Cavaliers won their first ever NCAA baseball championship after almost failing to make their own conference tournament no less. But this story isn’t a fairytale; it’s a story that’s been in the making for 12 years; it’s a story about how consistency inevitably breeds championships.

Twelve years ago, Brian O’Connor was hired to replace long-time head coach Dennis Womack, thereby transforming Virginia baseball eternally. Since O’Connor’s hiring in July of 2003, the Cavaliers haven’t missed a single NCAA tournament. The number of NCAA tournaments UVa. appeared in the 56-year-history of the NCAA Baseball Tournament before O’Connor? Three.

The Cavaliers didn’t reach the Super Regional round for another five years after O’Connor’s first season, but they kept at it and were rewarded with their first ever College World Series appearance in 2009 (where they lost to Arkansas, a team they beat this year on their way to the title, in the second round of the CWS).

Another Super Regional appearance soon followed in 2010, and in 2011, the Cavaliers were back in Omaha—this time as the No.1 overall seed in the tournament. This was also the year that the coaching staff pulled a flu-ridden Danny Hultzen, star pitcher and the second overall pick in the 2011 Major League Baseball Draft, from an elimination game against South Carolina, with the Cavaliers just one win away from the championship series—a move not uncommon for O’Connor’s coaching staff who value their players’ health and future more than anything.

With Hultzen gone the following season, the Cavaliers tied the fewest number of wins in the O’Connor era (They also recorded 39 wins in 2008). Nevertheless, Virginia hosted a regional in Charlottesville for the third straight year before returning to the Super Regional in 2013, proving that 2012 was just a minor blip on the radar, and in 2014, the Cavaliers were one win away from winning a national championship, reaching the finals of the College World Series for the first time ever.

With a preseason No.2 ranking in tow to start the 2015 season, the Cavaliers were primed for another deep NCAA run, going 12-1 in their first 13 games. Then the inconsistencies began for the injury-laden Cavaliers, who lost seven of their next nine games without McCarthy, who had back surgery before the start of the season and John La Priese, who had only played in four games prior undergoing season-ending hip surgery on April 1. Twenty days after permanently losing La Priese for the season, the Cavaliers lost one of their aces in pitcher Nathan Kirby for the last month of the season (but you probably know all of this already from reading the fairytale). In total, the Cavaliers had four stretches in the 2015 regular season where they lost three or more games—a first under O’Connor’s tutelage.

But as they’ve always done and will continue to do under O’Connor, the Cavaliers adjusted and closed out the regular season with five straight wins. They lost three straight in the ACC Tournament after winning the play-in game to get into the contest, but the ACC Tournament isn’t really where the Cavaliers thrive anyhoo, having only won two conference championships under O’Connor’s leadership. Where they’ve really thrived is in the NCAA tournament, and they had done just enough to make it into the field of 64 to allow consistency to take over yet again. The Cavaliers took that consistency and rolled with it, combining it with the players who upheld that consistency and the luck of the draw (Maryland knocked off the No. 1 overall seed in UCLA), the Omahoos went 10-2 in their final 12 games, holding the hottest-hitting team in the tournament, No.4 Florida, to just four runs in their two wins against the Gators, before exacting revenge on Vanderbilt in the finals for that elusive championship trophy Brian O’Connor set out for 12 years ago.

You probably doubt my consistency argument right now, but you can’t debate it because no matter what, the great teams will always eventually win. Just take a look at an example in the CWS’s counterpart, the Women’s College World Series. The Florida softball team reached the WCWS seven times before eventually winning it in 2014 and repeating this year. They even lost in the championship series twice in 2008 and 2011.

This argument also proves true in college basketball. After winning the national title in 2010, Duke lost in the second round twice before eventually winning it again earlier this year. In fact, Duke hasn’t missed the Big Dance since 1995. On the other hand, Virginia has only recently been invited to the Dance on a more consistent basis. They haven’t won one yet, but if Tony Bennett keeps churning out championship-caliber teams, they’ll get there one day.

And sure there are outliers like the Golden State Warriors, who won with a first-year head coach, but they didn’t have to go through the most consistent team in the NBA in the past 20 years, the San Antonio Spurs.

And then there are teams that will never win a national championship like the UVa. football team because they haven’t even found consistency at the starting quarterback position since 2004. But let’s not think about the football team right now as I have digressed, Hoo fans; let us revel in the successes of our baseball team whose story won’t be ending anytime soon, even if this chapter was a fairytale.

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On Drugs and Alcohol

Hookah is cool, but it's also really really bad for you, yet it's legal. Weed is safer and has even been found to be beneficial in some cases but it's still illegal. Why? Because white people didn't want to deal with Mexicans anymore i.e. racism.

Shots are a terrible terrible idea, but you know what's not a terrible idea? Sipping on a pint of draft beer or cider, a nice tall glass of wine, or a sweet little mixed drink because that's what liquor was invented for, not shots.


I've also had a fear of copying people ever since middle school. This was when I switched school systems and thought I had found a new best friend. Then out of the blue, she stopped talking to me without ever giving me a reason. I somehow got the idea in my head that it was because she thought I was copying her because you see, she was the only other Asian in this school. I lost my eight grade yearbook because of her. She put her yearbook where it wouldn't be stolen. I didn't want to copy her, so I placed my yearbook where it would be stolen. Flash forward eight years and I'm still afraid of copying people because I don't want to lose another best friend, so afraid of copying someone or being called needy that I suffer the consequences like feeling left out and missing out on $6 steaks.

Mindy Kaling Stole the Title of My Book

I've had a fear of being left out ever since high school. It was actually around the time social media became big (Edit: So if you were left out, you would know you were left out from other people's posts). As a kid, I was always invited to my best friend's birthday parties, but then, I switched school systems and didn't have a best friend anymore.

My first book was going to be a YA novel called 7th Grade: Drama based on the worst year of my life, but then I realized how much I suck at fiction-writing.

Fresh Off the Boat

What did I learn from reading Eddie Huang's memoir? Sell drugs and one day, I too will open a successful restaurant.

On College

I've become an Asian American (via the Asian American community at UVA), feminist (via WAALI), and foodie (via the food scene in Charlottesville) all in the span of four years. I've even decided at the young age of 22 that I don''t want children, but hey, a lot can change in four years.

Quit Feeling Sorry for Yourself

Someone once said to me, "Do you maybe think this is just all in your head?," and this really bothered me because she just didn't get it. She was annoyed at me for expressing my very real emotions at the time and was basically telling me to quit feeling sorry for myself. You don't tell someone who might have a mental illness that "it's all in their head."

-H/T Bug: Deaf Identity and Internal Revolution by Christopher Jon Heur, Dory from Twitter, and OITNB

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Bug: Deaf Identity and Internal Revolution by Christopher Jon Heuer

"Most people no doubt believe that the destiny of a bug is to become a dime-sized bloodstain on the palm of somebody’s hand. But the bug himself? He believes it’s his destiny to start an infestation (5)."

"Just remember something—your discomfort is your own issue and not theirs. You have the right to set boundaries. You do not have the right, however, to punish other people for your discomfort or to shame them for feeling bad about bad things. That’s not empowerment. That’s emotional abuse (95)."

“If you want to solve problems, you have to learn to recognize 'Quit bitching' for the social justice cop-out that it is. 'Think of the starving African children' is a statement uttered by people who are inspired to order a large cheese pizza from Dominos whenever they see Peace Corps commercials on television. They say, 'Think about others who are worse off' so you’ll go away and quit disturbing their Me-Time (167).

"Life is fairer when you get mugged" (167).

"This is because during DPN, you decided that deafness was enough. So long as you had that, checks and balances, term limits, and popular elections didn’t matter. So long as you had deafness, you could hand off a $500,000-dollar-a-year position (and instantaneous worldwide fame on top of it) and somehow still be forever protected from the realities of human nature. Well, we’re a young culture. And America learned. Someday we might, too" (176).

"...the most successful Deaf education programs are not necessarily the ones that focus upon the advancement of education. Rather, they are the ones most skilled at public relations" (184).

"...he was driven out of his mind because his parents were psychologically starving him—daily—for communication" (208). 

"This is why I have little sympathy for nonsigning parents of deaf children who explain away their child’s behavioral outbursts with, 'Oh he’s just trying to get attention.' Well, duh!..." (210).

"I hold people accountable for the choices they make. Being a hearing parent isn’t a choice. Being a nonsigning one is" (220).
I'd rather go through multiple exam weeks again writing 10-15 page research papers than go through the job searching process.

Thirty minutes after tweeting this hopeless and hyperbolic statement, it hit me: I like learning and applying what I learn. The only question is how do I get paid for doing exactly that? 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Fashion (HBO)

I changed the banner of this blog because I talk about a lot of things other than fashion, but this video really makes me question if I should be applauding myself for finding cheap stylish clothes at the expense of underpaid child labor.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Transformation Tuesday: Who Wore it Better?

I wore the same dress to both semi formals, but I completely transformed my outfit from last year to this year from top to bottom, and I think 2015 Chanhong definitely wore it better. Here's why:

1. Hair: Downdon't v. Updo
I personally think I would look great bald, so that's why I'm going with the updo (Credits: Truc Vo) in this category. I was also wearing significantly more makeup (Credits: Sara Lee) this year, so the updo drew attention to my face while not taking away the details of the dress that my downdon't covered.
2. Makeup: Done by Me v. Done by Sara
I don't think this is even a question. Sara had previously done my makeup before, but she did a smoky eye, which I don't particularly like on myself. I think I look a lot better with a more natural look and she accomplished it perfectly this time (on short notice too).
3. Earrings: Pearls v. Statement Earrings
I wore pearls last year because I was going for the white and silver theme to match the sequins on my dress (see #4), but my new Alex & Ani bracelet is gold, so I had to go with gold this year. I was just going to wear gold studs but realized that this outfit needed something else to stand out, especially since my ears would be out in the open due to the bun and wearing a necklace was completely out of the question due to the asymmetry of my dress. These earrings also drew attention to my face without taking anything away from the dress. The earrings are pink and gold and not purple and gold, but purple and pink go well together in my opinion and contrary to what Kathy believes.
4. Shoes: White Flats v. Nude Pumps
This is another no-brainer. Pumps make me taller and my calves look better therefore making me hotter overall.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Love Connection: Chanhong and Chanhong

I had a fantastic date with myself today at Got Dumplings (I would rate it an 8/10). The date definitely would’ve been a 10 if I hadn’t eaten the last dumpling. I was full and tired of eating the fried and oily being, but I forced myself to eat it because I didn't want to waste money--the date was pretty expensive ($13 for five dumplings, a seaweed salad, shrimp chips, and a royal bubble tea served hot). Looking back, I should’ve just gotten one side, but I wanted to confirm that the shrimp chips, a new item on the menu, were indeed bánh phồng tôm (confirmed). I ended up leaving four chips at the restaurant with a little bit of seaweed salad. They served the shrimp chips with peanut sauce, which was a little weird to me, but I hope someone likes the combination. Anyways, the hot bubble tea might be better than the cold one, and I’m not usually a fan of hot drinks. Given the success of the store, I also started thinking about the possibility of opening up a bánh mì shop in a college town (the main topic of our date): the menu would only consist of six-inch bánh mì and cà phê sữa đá (Vietnamese iced coffee). It's simple and straight to the point. With the warmth of the bubble tea and meal absorbed in me (science) along with the idea that would get me rich in tow, I ventured back outside the cold feeling satisfied with the date and would for sure consider going on a second date with myself, but honestly, I could’ve just sat there all day observing the type of people that come in (are they all Asian?) and their orders (I actually got there just as it opened, so it definitely would've been fun). 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Winter Look #1

I was disappointed with my Minimalist's Guide to Winter Fashion (below) because I felt like it was lacking something (my outfit just felt so plain). In an attempt to resolve this issue, I've decided to continue to update you guys on my journey to keeping warm during the winter, while trying to look as good as possible. Today, I wore undergarments (got to have those), a camisole, an extra (plain & red) long-sleeve shirt underneath my sweater, thicker leggings ($5-$6 at Stein Mart), boots (seen in a previous post), a headband (I wore it on a whim after noticing that the colors matched my sweater), and red lip stick in addition to the infinity scarf, winter coat, and gloves seen in the video. I'm really proud of my sweater picture lol. Anyways, the high was 41 and the low was 32 in addition to the rain, but this outfit sufficiently kept me warm, so I am a happy camper. I think the headband and lip stick made this outfit, so I would add one bold accessory to the guide to complete your winter look. Stay tuned for more :)