Monday, February 2, 2015

Transformation Tuesday: Who Wore it Better?

I wore the same dress to both semi formals, but I completely transformed my outfit from last year to this year from top to bottom, and I think 2015 Chanhong definitely wore it better. Here's why:

1. Hair: Downdon't v. Updo
I personally think I would look great bald, so that's why I'm going with the updo (Credits: Truc Vo) in this category. I was also wearing significantly more makeup (Credits: Sara Lee) this year, so the updo drew attention to my face while not taking away the details of the dress that my downdon't covered.
2. Makeup: Done by Me v. Done by Sara
I don't think this is even a question. Sara had previously done my makeup before, but she did a smoky eye, which I don't particularly like on myself. I think I look a lot better with a more natural look and she accomplished it perfectly this time (on short notice too).
3. Earrings: Pearls v. Statement Earrings
I wore pearls last year because I was going for the white and silver theme to match the sequins on my dress (see #4), but my new Alex & Ani bracelet is gold, so I had to go with gold this year. I was just going to wear gold studs but realized that this outfit needed something else to stand out, especially since my ears would be out in the open due to the bun and wearing a necklace was completely out of the question due to the asymmetry of my dress. These earrings also drew attention to my face without taking anything away from the dress. The earrings are pink and gold and not purple and gold, but purple and pink go well together in my opinion and contrary to what Kathy believes.
4. Shoes: White Flats v. Nude Pumps
This is another no-brainer. Pumps make me taller and my calves look better therefore making me hotter overall.