Saturday, June 24, 2017

Am I Not Funny Anymore?!?!?!?!

So I watched Wong Fu's latest Lunch Break this morning, "Choosing Baby Names," and Chris, Ashley, Wes, and Benson talked about how they got their names. I too made a video about how I got my name but forgot what I included in the video, so I rewatched it. That's when I realized I used to be so sassy-what happened to me?! I'm so boring and monotonic now. What happened is I grew up and became a boring old (and very important to note: mature) adult 😭 Then, I got even more sad because I thought, "Oh no, am I not funny anymore?!?!?!?" I lied on my bed and legit started tearing up, but then I started to console myself: "You are funny just not on Youtube. Go read your blog." I read my blog, and it was pretty funny: my sass is still present, just not on camera. Writing has always been my specialty: I simply got tired of performing it on camera. As a result, my Youtube has become more of a lifestyle channel with makeup, fashion videos, and vlogs, and I'm okay with that as long as I share my jokes with someone whether it be on this blog or in standup (I've written a couple jokes but haven't actually performed them). I'll continue vlogging and posting any skit I come up with and actually find friends to do, but [I can't believe I'm coming to this conclusion], my non-existent Youtube career is over. Subscribe to this blog for updates.    

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


I shot with three outfits on this day, but this one was by far my favorite because I actually accessorized and put on makeup. My red lip, hoop earrings, and tattoo choker really make the monotone grey look pop. I've worn these jeans since college, and I made the crop top myself from an old t-shirt. Even though I'm a skinny bitch, I still had to suck in my stomach for this photo because I would look bloated otherwise. Visible abs are a myth-I don't know how anyone can obtain them. I've wanted hoop earrings for a while now, and I finally got them when Wet Seal went out of business. I really wanted the gold ones, but they sold out, so I had to settle for rose gold, which unfortunately doesn't go well with my other jewelry. The tattoo choker was recently reintroduced into my wardrobe thanks to current fashion trends. It really brings the edgy outfit together. Last but least, I threw on a pair of black flats for comfort and ease because I never highlight or photograph the shoes in any of my outfits.

Life Imitates Art

My Favorite Pair of Shorts

I got these H&M shorts a year ago for only $7. I think I also got a 15% discount for bringing in my old clothes to recycle. They were originally $17.95, making it another style deal! (I've been saving the tag to do this post lol). I love how the color is bright but subtle at the same time. They go perfectly with my printed top also from H&M, which I featured in my Spring 2016 Lookbook. I tucked the blouse in the shorts for a fitted look and added on large pearls to bring attention back to my face which took a backseat to the bold print of the blouse. Some might call these booty shorts, but I love how they actually fit my body and hug my non-existent curves. To finish the look, I'll throw on my favorite pair of sandals and only pair of sunglasses!