Wednesday, June 14, 2017

My Favorite Pair of Shorts

I got these H&M shorts a year ago for only $7. I think I also got a 15% discount for bringing in my old clothes to recycle. They were originally $17.95, making it another style deal! (I've been saving the tag to do this post lol). I love how the color is bright but subtle at the same time. They go perfectly with my printed top also from H&M, which I featured in my Spring 2016 Lookbook. I tucked the blouse in the shorts for a fitted look and added on large pearls to bring attention back to my face which took a backseat to the bold print of the blouse. Some might call these booty shorts, but I love how they actually fit my body and hug my non-existent curves. To finish the look, I'll throw on my favorite pair of sandals and only pair of sunglasses!