Saturday, June 24, 2017

Am I Not Funny Anymore?!?!?!?!

So I watched Wong Fu's latest Lunch Break this morning, "Choosing Baby Names," and Chris, Ashley, Wes, and Benson talked about how they got their names. I too made a video about how I got my name but forgot what I included in the video, so I rewatched it. That's when I realized I used to be so sassy-what happened to me?! I'm so boring and monotonic now. What happened is I grew up and became a boring old (and very important to note: mature) adult 😭 Then, I got even more sad because I thought, "Oh no, am I not funny anymore?!?!?!?" I lied on my bed and legit started tearing up, but then I started to console myself: "You are funny just not on Youtube. Go read your blog." I read my blog, and it was pretty funny: my sass is still present, just not on camera. Writing has always been my specialty: I simply got tired of performing it on camera. As a result, my Youtube has become more of a lifestyle channel with makeup, fashion videos, and vlogs, and I'm okay with that as long as I share my jokes with someone whether it be on this blog or in standup (I've written a couple jokes but haven't actually performed them). I'll continue vlogging and posting any skit I come up with and actually find friends to do, but [I can't believe I'm coming to this conclusion], my non-existent Youtube career is over. Subscribe to this blog for updates.