Thursday, January 22, 2015

Love Connection: Chanhong and Chanhong
I had a fantastic date with myself today at Got Dumplings (I would rate it an 8/10). The date definitely would’ve been a 10 if I hadn’t eaten the last dumpling. I was full and tired of eating the fried and oily being, but I forced myself to eat it because I didn't want to waste money--the date was pretty expensive ($13 for five dumplings, a seaweed salad, shrimp chips, and a royal bubble tea served hot). Looking back, I should’ve just gotten one side, but I wanted to confirm that the shrimp chips, a new item on the menu, were indeed bánh phồng tôm (confirmed). I ended up leaving four chips at the restaurant with a little bit of seaweed salad. They served the shrimp chips with peanut sauce, which was a little weird to me, but I hope someone likes the combination. Anyways, the hot bubble tea might be better than the cold one, and I’m not usually a fan of hot drinks. Given the success of the store, I also started thinking about the possibility of opening up a bánh mì shop in a college town (the main topic of our date): the menu would only consist of six-inch bánh mì and cà phê sữa đá (Vietnamese iced coffee). It's simple and straight to the point. With the warmth of the bubble tea and meal absorbed in me (science) along with the idea that would get me rich in tow, I ventured back outside the cold feeling satisfied with the date and would for sure consider going on a second date with myself, but honestly, I could’ve just sat there all day observing the type of people that come in (are they all Asian?) and their orders (I actually got there just as it opened, so it definitely would've been fun).