Monday, January 12, 2015

Winter Look #1

I was disappointed with my Minimalist's Guide to Winter Fashion (below) because I felt like it was lacking something (my outfit just felt so plain). In an attempt to resolve this issue, I've decided to continue to update you guys on my journey to keeping warm during the winter, while trying to look as good as possible. Today, I wore undergarments (got to have those), a camisole, an extra (plain & red) long-sleeve shirt underneath my sweater, thicker leggings ($5-$6 at Stein Mart), boots (seen in a previous post), a headband (I wore it on a whim after noticing that the colors matched my sweater), and red lip stick in addition to the infinity scarf, winter coat, and gloves seen in the video. I'm really proud of my sweater picture lol. Anyways, the high was 41 and the low was 32 in addition to the rain, but this outfit sufficiently kept me warm, so I am a happy camper. I think the headband and lip stick made this outfit, so I would add one bold accessory to the guide to complete your winter look. Stay tuned for more :)