Wednesday, December 10, 2014


I get the most depressed during finals, not because of the actual exams, but because it's a big break from the norm. I'm usually fine if I am overwhelmed with work, like I usually am, but most of the time I get really really bored when I don't have much to study for. I can't hang out with anyone because they're all busy, so then I get really really lonely. There's so much I could do with my free time, but because I'm so used to having work, I often forget what I want to do when I actually have free time. Hence, I've been in a really bad mood the past week, making me aware of some personal problems that I still need to work on, but thankfully Vicky reminded me that this feeling is just temporary and that finals affect everyone whether they have one or six exams (well except for Eugenie because she's not human but that's a different story) "Honestly most people are drowning in shit; try to see the bright side" (Edit: It was Dan who actually reminded me that finals affect everyone, but the rest including the quote was all Vicky).

Today, I took Vicky's advice and got it together or at least took my first steps in trying to get it together ALA Elastigirl style. I went to Belmont BBQ and got a slop bucket to check off one of the 115 things I have to do before I graduate. I hung out with Chanlee (I often forget that my sister will always there for me no matter what). I hugged our stuffed animal, Smudge. I went shopping #retailtherapy (for real though, take a look at Jackson Lears' “From Salvation to Self-Realization”). I went to JCPenney and got a navy cardigan to replace the one I lost. I went to Victoria Secret's because I was inspired once again to shed my good girl image after watching the fashion show, but alas I was too poor to buy anything. BUT 2 bras for $49. 50 is a good deal when you consider that one bra is $ day I will be hot. I then went to DSW in hopes of finally finding the perfect nude pumps, aka ones that will fit me, with the $20 gift card I got from Secret Santa in hand (Thanks again, Katin!).

One of the shoes I tried on to decipher my shoe size were super cute Lulu Townsend shoes (left) that were originally priced in the upper eighties but with a sale price and an additional 70% off, they were down to only $15. I wanted to buy them so bad, but I knew I would never wear them. Plus, they were too high and a little too uncomfortable, so my wallet is forever grateful for that. I also had to save the money for my nude pumps.

As a result of trying on shoes, I now know that size 5 is what I need, and what I needed (size 5 nude pumps) wasn't available in the stores, so I had to go home and buy one from the online store. They weren't the exact height I wanted nor the pair of shoes I really wanted (right), but hopefully these shoes will help me land my dream job so I won't have to worry about using my parents' money for wants rather than needs anymore.