Thursday, October 8, 2015

How to Look Good While Cheering on Your Favorite Team

Today I’m featuring three looks found in my summer look book. They’re outfits I like to wear on game day when I’m not actually at the game, to show school spirit, because let’s be real, oversized t-shirts aren’t really stylish. Now these outfits are UVA themed, but these style tips can work with any college or athletic team.

For my first look, I’ve paired a fitted v-neck T in one of my team's colors with a pair of shorts in another one of my team’s colors. The heathered orange color makes the outfit versatile and not just something I can wear on game day. I've also tucked in my shirt for a more fitted look. 

For my second look, I incorporated my team's colors using an accessory and the main component of my outfit, my shirt. The white pants neutralize the look and hide my loyalty when needed. E.g. when my team is embarrassing itself on national television. In my previous look, I didn’t need a statement necklace because the v-neck provided enough definition for my outfit, but for this look, a statement necklace is needed to define an otherwise plain shirt.

Lastly, I paired a dress in one of my team's colors with a cardigan in another team color. The red and orange pattern on this dress gives the outfit an added dimension (and once again makes it more versatile and less obvious that I'm rooting for UVA), which wouldn’t be present or possible in a plain orange dress.

And if you’re looking for a more casual, yet stylish outfit for the game, look for a more fitted t-shirt in the kid’s or women's section of the university bookstore. For example, I have a white v-neck tee with VIRGINIA printed across the front of the shirt and a long-sleeved navy Virginia t-shirt from the women’s section of the UVA bookstore.  

Now you're ready to cheer on your favorite team on Saturdays: Go Hoos!

P.S. At UVA, it’s actually a tradition for guys in ties and girls in pearls to dress up for football games. However, no one dresses up for basketball games, so the good ole t-shirt and jeans combo is totally fine and socially acceptable at UVA basketball games.