Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Interplay Between Online and In-Store Shopping

During my last weekend home, my mom, sister, and I traveled to Greensboro, NC, about an hour away from our house. Our goal was to shop. However, once we arrived at Forever21 and saw the millions of other people there, all interest in shopping was lost. Not only was the store crowded, but the clothes were organized in a way that I didn’t like: I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I quickly realized the benefits of online shopping. While shopping at a store is good for browsing, allowing you to try on the clothes, and not paying shipping, shopping online is more convenient. Online shopping lets you filter the clothes based on price, size, and type of clothing. This way, you can specifically find what you want. Online shopping can also be done anywhere at any time without having to deal with anybody blocking your way or fighting with you for the last item available at the store. If you’re still wary about the fit, then you can go to the store afterwards. By doing your research beforehand, you know exactly what you want to buy and won’t waste money or time on other clothes, and this is precisely what I did. I came into the store with a mission: Find the pair of heels that I had wanted since the beginning of summer. I first saw them online, but because my feet are so tiny, I didn’t know if I would fit them or not. I tried them on in a Forever in Florida, and the 5.5 surprisingly fit me well, meaning I could walk with them. However, they did not have the black ones, which are more versatile style-wise than the blue ones, in 5.5. I came back home determined to buy those shoes online, but not wiling to pay the shipping cost. I checked Forever21’s website every day hoping for free shipping, but when free shipping day came, the shoes weren’t available. I told myself, these shoes and I weren’t meant to be. The shoes eventually came back into the market around the same time I went to Greensboro, but fate had other ideas. The shoes at the Forever21 in Greensboro were not all together in one neat little section like the one in Florida, but scattered all across the store. I did not find the shoes. When I went back online, the black ones in 5.5 were sold out-we truly were not meant to be together. In the end, we did leave the store buying $1.80 camis, so not a complete shopping fail. This might contradict my previous statement of not wasting money on clothes you did not plan to buy, but my mom actually needed camis. $1.80 without shipping fees is also a really good deal.