Thursday, December 14, 2017

Howl to Be Vegan: Thanksgiving & Exams

Hi everyone, it's been a while. Immediately after Thanksgiving, I had exams so I haven't had a chance to update this blog, but without further ado, here is the menu for our very first vegan Thanksgiving:

Appetizer #1:
Daikon radish, celery, carrot, cilantro, lime, and apple cider vinegar salad
Chef: My mom

Appetizer #2:
Chả lụa chay
Chef: My aunt's mom

Carrot, beet, daikon radish, chayote, tofu, and noodle vegetable soup
Chef: My mom

 Main Course:
Bánh hỏi with Thug Kitchen's citrus marinade tofu, fresh herbs, cucumber, and soy sauce
Chef: My mom and sister

Raspberry oatmeal squares & cupcakes from Frostings in Richmond
Chef: My sister
Cupcakes courtesy of my aunt and uncle

Leftovers & Meals Since Thanksgiving (not including fruit, although I will mention clementines because they're in season)

Because of exams, I wasn't able to cook any besides guacamole and carrot cake cookies from Thug Kitchen for a potluck this past weekend and braised melon (with tofu my sister fried) two days ago so everything listed is courtesy of my sister, mom, or grandma.

Wow! listing things is nice. Most of the ingredients we got from our mom. As a result, we have't spent more than $20 (individually) on groceries in a long time.