Tuesday, January 21, 2020

2017 Year in Review

2020 update: I never finished this because of how much work it was, but I should have quit grad school.

I started the year off with my very first short, "Vegan Dating Problems," based on real life events. It honestly wasn't the best thing ever, but I was proud of myself for putting it together i.e. collaborating with another human being aka my friend Julie. She was such a good actress, and I can't wait to work with her again.

Unfortunately, it won't be for a while, as I quit my job and moved back to Charlottesville for grad school. I didn't plan either of the two when the year started. I talked about my decision to leave my job in a blog post and a video titled "Why I Left Buzzfeed," parodying the ones of actual Buzzfeed employees leaving the media company. 

The initial goal was to find another job, but I couldn't imagine doing anything besides teaching and becoming a Youtube star of course. For a whole month, I actually tried to be a Youtuber. I made some videos and blogged a lot (see my blog archive on the right), but rent money was running out, so I got a job as a hostess for a sushi restaurant. Working at Ichiban Sushi & Ramen was a highlight of my year because of my amazing and super cool coworkers.

I also had to work because I got a cat! He does not look like the screenshot below, but he is pretty obese. My roommate currently has custody while I'm away, but I get to see him from time to time.

2017 was a big year for Asian Americans. Kevin Kwan's bestselling book, Crazy Rich Asians was adapted into a feature film set to release later this year. I actually auditioned, as you can see below. Hasan Minhaj released his standup special on Netflix; Ali Wong went on tour again-I was lucky enough to see her in DC; Master of None Season 2 was a hit, and so much more. This success was what made me regret my decision to go back to grad school instead of moving to LA with my savings. I seriously thought about quitting grad school, but somehow made it through with help from new friends.