Wednesday, January 10, 2024

The Minimalist's Guide to Bubble Tea Update

I don't buy milk tea anymore. 1. Because I can make it at home and 2. Because I can't trust these boba shops to make it vegan. So many of them come premade with non-dairy creamer, a misnomer, as it still contains casein, a protein derived from cow's milk.

My go-to order is now Passionfruit Green Tea, which I never understood the hype for because I had literally never eaten a passionfruit before, and my favorite or top bubble tea shop is Kung Fu Tea despite what my San Diego-born bubble tea snob cousins say. Kung Fu Tea is consistent, reliable, and widely available, in addition the other plusses I mentioned in my previous story

Passionfruit Green Tea is passionfruit when you can't get passionfruit. It's refreshing with the perfect amount of caffeine, not too much to keep me awake, tartness, and sweetness, especially when combined with coconut nata jelly.

Update: I went to San Francisco and tried Boba Guys again. Because they are very vegan friendly, I couldn't cancel them per my last post, and I went against my first paragraph rule and bought a banana milk tea because I had a canned banana milk tea once and it was good. This one was bad. It was so bad, I asked the barista to add hojicha, thinking I made the mistake and ordered the less flavorful banana milk tea drink on the menu. She made another drink for me free of charge so I ended up having not one but two ice cold drinks to carry with me on a windy San Francisco winter day. Reader, she did not make it to her final destination with her drinks: I had no desire to drink them, and my hands were so cold, I had to throw them away, and I NEVER waste food like that. This blood orange tea from Asha was fire though.

Tea house with actual good hojicha: Matcha Cafe Maiko