Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Update: I fixed two of my necklaces, including the one I mentioned two posts ago, with pliers-what an amazing tool!

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays because it's one of the few times that everyone dresses nicely without being asked to do so. The winter wardrobe offers many styles that people can pick and choose from to create their Christmas outfit. My sister went the ugly Christmas sweater route. Our baby cousin sported similar attire with the classic male sweater vest, while the kid cousin and I opted to wear dresses. I turned my regular neutral toned dress into a more winter outfit by adding leggings and a bow necklace, to represent a bow on a present. However, I’m not writing this post to talk about my own outfit, but to talk about my teenage cousin’s outfit. She had planned on wearing a gold and white striped sweater with a red cardigan, but when she put on the sweater, it didn’t fit her the way she wanted to: it was loose. She did not know what to do, but she found a gold belt of hers. I suggested she tie it on her waist, but alas she did not want to accentuate her waist. Then, voila, she had this brilliant idea to tuck the sweater in her pants and use the belt on her jeans. The outfit was not complete just yet. The finishing touch was a feather necklace that I gave her two years ago as a Christmas present-finally a gift of mine that I see being used! I might be biased, but the necklace turned that outfit from a 9 to a 10 by adding a defining and noticeable piece. Not only that but I was also amazed by how the ensemble came together from something my cousin hated to something we all loved with just a few simple accessories and a simple color scheme of red, gold, and white.