Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fashion Shows

I never understood why certain fashion shows were so extravagant until I saw a fashion show at JMU's akdphi's Real Dukes Wear Pink Charity Ball. The fashion show was, to be honest, boring because it showcased everyday outfits that weren't revolutionary. That's when I realized that fashion shows need to be different in order to capture the audience's attention. Different doesn't necessarily mean avant-garde. Different just means something that's not seen every day, as in the case of many cultural show's fashion shows. For example, the Vietnamese Student Associations's fashion show consists of many beautiful traditional dresses or ao dai that one doesn't get to see on a regular basis. Today, I watched for the first time, the Victoria's Secret Annual Fashion Show and was blown away by the creativity of these designers. Yes, no one would wear these outfits in real life, but that's the point-a fashion show with just bras and panties wouldn't be interesting at all nor would it sell. Add in music and some pretty confident models, and bam! a real spectacle is born that actually lives up to its name, "show."