Sunday, January 29, 2017


I’ve largely kept my political opinions private because well I’m not really into politics and I’ve maintained the optimistic view that Trump is just one man-he can’t actually do anything because checks and balances and all that shit we learned in 8th grade civics. Well, I was wrong, and I can’t be silent anymore because the recent immigration ban imposed by the United States of America is the most hypocritical thing our country has ever done (and we’ve done it multiple times): This country was founded by unwelcome immigrants. Immigrants who did more harm to the native people who inhabited this country first than any of the people Trump deems “dangerous” has ever done to our nation.

We as a people far too often misplace the cause of our issues, and we have yet to learn our mistakes. Muslims are not the cause of terrorism. I don’t know if we can ever pinpoint what exactly causes it or how to stop it, (I don’t know-maybe start with gun control), but I do know that when we act with kindness, we can do wonders, which is why I’m begging you America to stop this madness. Imagine if you were in their shoes. We can all act with kindness regardless of our political affiliation and level of political involvement.

All the people in this picture are refugees. They're also my family.