Saturday, March 11, 2017

Introverts Finish Last

Taken on an ideal Friday night
Everyone’s always talking about how “Nice Guys Finish Last,” but nice guys aren’t the ones who finish last, introverted girls are. Now I’m not saying finishing last is a bad thing because some introverts are definitely okay with being alone and choose to be single. It’s just no guy wants a girl who’s idea of an ideal Friday night is to stay in and play board games. Who’d rather stay in and read a book or write Yelp reviews. They want a girl who’s exciting. Who’s spunky. Who’s peppy, bright, lively, enthusiastic, yada yada yada. They want girls who like to dance. Who are able to talk to anyone about anything. The girl next door basically. I can dance and be sociable too, but it takes time for me to be comfortable enough around people to do those things, and guys these days don’t have the patience for that when the next girl is just a swipe away. This doesn’t necessarily fall under the introvert umbrella, but apathetic, blunt, sarcastic, and emotionless girls like April from Parks & Rec would never get the guy in real life!!! (maybe I should rewrite this as "Weird Girls Finish Last: Basic Ass Bitches Always Win.")