Monday, October 16, 2017

Howl to Be Vegan [At Restaurants]

I was too lazy to cook last week and I finally paid off my credit card debt, so I went ham on restaurant meals.

Here's what I ate (taken directly from my credit card statement):

Lemongrass: vegetable pad see ew with egg (they didn't take out the egg even though I asked them to, but I was too hungry to send it back) 10/5 $11.03

Read Chanhong L.'s review of Lemongrass on Yelp

Mezeh: completely customizable grains & greens bowl 10/8 $9.78

Revolutionary Soup: spicy senegalese peanut tofu soup with bread and black bean & spinach wrap 10/10 $8.51 (I had a 15% off coupon)

Read Chanhong L.'s review of Revolutionary Soup on Yelp

Got Dumplings: tofu dumplings, seaweed salad (I don't recommend), and edamame 10/12 $9.65

Loving Hut: Thai tea bubble tea, "steak" salad, cheese sticks, and wonton noodle soup 10/14 ~$20 (I split the bubble tea and salad with my sister) 

Note: all prices mentioned are before tip (if applicable)

I cooked green beans and carrot and apple soup today because I should save my money to pay off my grad school loans. Here's a receipt of my Kroger bill. My sister's going to use the other ingredients to make vegan alfredo. We're relying on a lot of pantry staples like pasta.

P.S. It's really late, so I can't figure out a good way to format this post.