Monday, October 30, 2017

Howl To Be Vegan Part IX

First, I forgot to include some home-cooked meals my sister made in my previous posts.

september 27 ravioli
  • Good but super doughy because we don't have a pasta roller-my sister gave up trying to make the ravioli and just made dough balls with sauce
  • My sister actually wrote a blog post about her experience! Check it out here:
october 11 potato pancakes
  • This was more of a snack than a meal. 
  • The onion to potato ratio was off, so the pancake was super onion-y but nothing ketchup couldn't fix!

october 12 quinoa burger

  • I don't think I'm a fan of quinoa, but any burger is good with mayo spread on a toasted bun and tomatoes. 

Next, here is the food I've been eating since my last post.

october 18 fettucine alfredo

  • Once again courtesy of my sister
  • Pasta is cheap and cauliflower and plant-based milk makes stuff creamy. 

october 21 chili and cornbread

  • Hearty without the meat
  • The last thing my sister cooked
  • I got mad at her because she forgot to buy chili powder, and I was like "How can you make chili without chili powder?!" Her rebuttal was "Chili powder is just a blend of spices, and we have most of those spices." As a result, she replaced the chili powder with the same amount of cayenne pepper. As you can guess, it came out really spicy, but she added more tomato paste, and it was all good (although it kind of tasted better spicy).
  • The cornbread was really bitter by itself because she added 1 tablespoon instead of 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, but it was fine with the chili. 

october 21 mom sent with my aunt, braised bitter melon, gourd, and tofu, which I ate with rice for the week

october 22 taste of china with the uncle and sister

Read Chanhong L.'s review of Taste of China on Yelp

october 26 mellow mushroom with the sister for trivia night

Read Chanhong L.'s review of Mellow Mushroom on Yelp

october 27 roots with Sari!
  • I got The Southern as is this time.
  • It was super yummy as always. 
october 28 hibachi with the parents & sister
  • Not vegan-friendly but we went for my parents' birthdays
  • Mom also brought canh chua with okra, bac ha, mong toi (see below), and tofu; stir-fried tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, and fried tofu; and braised bitter melon and fried tofu (I apologize for the inconsistent use of Vietnamese accents in this blog)
    • I yelled at her for always including tofu, and she said all you have to do is use your words and tell me, which was valid. She also said she saved it for me when she could have eaten it herself or not buy it at all and that my dad likes it too AKA giving me tofu is a sacrifice she makes for me. My American ass just wants her to ask me if I want the tofu. I can never be a Vietnamese mom, but that's a different story. 
october 30 
  • no class today so I boiled some mồng tơi from my dad's garden and ate it with ramen for dinner because it's too bland for me to eat it alone
    • I also made a soup with some Chinese flowering cabbage or cai ngot (sweet lettuce) from my dad's garden - this will be eaten with rice (as always)