Saturday, April 22, 2017

[Candid] Super Bowl LI Reaction

End of the first quarter, we haven’t scored yet, but they haven’t either. We’ve stopped the #1 offense in the league. All right, this is going to be a defensive game.

Damn Atlanta’s running game is good. So is Julio Jones.

We’re going to score. Jk why Blount why?

Okay this is the drive we score on. 3 straight holding calls on the Falcons. Jk Why Brady Why?

It’s over.

Screen to big TE Bennett with less than 10 seconds left in the half? Really?! Couldn’t even score a touchdown before the end of the half. It’s over. Atlanta is getting the ball first in the second half, and they’re going to score and extend the lead to 28. Horrible play call #1

Lady Gaga's halftime performance > times infinity than the Patriots' first half performance

Okay Atlanta didn’t score. That’s good. But we didn’t either. Sigh time’s running out. Just fucking catch the balls—incomplete pass #1

4th down & 3 big play #1

Brady running the ball for 15 yards big play #2 what he should have been doing this whole time. Arguably had the best success running the ball for the Patriots all game

Stephen Gostkowski missed the freaking extra point—hope is not present yet

“There’s only 15 minutes left.”

Just a field goal—hope still not present because this field goal is not a gimme since he just missed an extra point from the same distance


We have to make this two-point conversion though.

How is Freeman so open?

Julio Jones again. Losing hope again, not really—just in disbelief

Yass incomplete pass

We just need a touchdown, praying there are no fumbles or interceptions i.e. turnovers

Hogan incomplete pass #2

That third and 10 conversion near the goal line though

Edelman catch, David Tyree helmet catch, crazy catch last Super bowl, Malcolm Butler interception

I’m just in disbelief at this point but still not believing we’re going to win because we still need to convert the two-point conversion

Was he across the line?

Atlanta still has time to score


Stanford band?!

If only we had Aaron Rodgers.

[The rest is history]

Win the coin toss omfg all we need to do is score a touchdown and we win

Praying we don’t turn the ball over

We finally stopped trying to run the ball

2 straight close plays

Pass interference makes it so much easier

Is he across the line? He’s in he’s in!



Watching the highlights—I’m still in disbelief

Missed the Matt Ryan handshake live