Saturday, April 22, 2017

To All The Bandwagon UVA Basketball Fans

Slam dunk 
Mustapha Farrakhan
Nation of Islam

Sportscenter Top Play
Sean Singletary 
Buzzer beater all day

Partners in crime
J.R. Reynolds
5th and 13th all time

Yeah they can score
Players you ain’t never heard before:

Calvin Baker
Transfer from William and Mary

Mamadi Diane
No not Diakite 
A disappointment you could say 

Assane Sene
7 foot tall

Tony Bennett 
Academics over bball

Apply some ointment
For that burn
Because today you’re going to learn

Skipped art class 
And got suspended 
Wasted talent

And there you have it
Before the ACC championships, recognition, and banners
These are the players who took one for the team and lived in anonymity without the glamour